Banana Mango Smoothie 2 mins to make, serves 2

I wasn’t a large mango fan till recently. i believe that part came from the actual fact that it will be Associate in Nursing daunting fruit.

How do I cut it? Do I peel it? however the euphemism do i do know if it’s ripe enough to eat? HELP!

 Banana Mango Smoothie 2 mins to make, serves 2

After some path and error, I finally got the suspend of it, and currently mango rock my world! For those of your still terrified of the contemporary mango, provides you all the “how-to’s” and steps additionally inspect your native store for frozen mango chunks, they’re all able to hop into your mixer for smoothies like this!

Now on to the smoothie! This fun band of banana and mango can sure as shooting have your style buds doing a cheerful jig! thus sit back, relax and luxuriate in this tasty smoothie all summer long!

Note: If you are doing not have frozen fruit to use for the smoothies, contemporary fruit can work simply fine. If victimisation contemporary fruit, check that to feature one or two of ice to the opposite ingredients before mixing. The frozen fruit simply adds that cold component to create Associate in Nursing ice cold drink.

Banana Mango Smoothie

(Makes a pair of giant smoothies)


1 cup frozen mango

1 giant banana

1 TB chia seeds

1/2 cup fruit crush

1/2 cup almond milk (or regular or coconut milk)

favorite nonobligatory add-in: 1-2 drops Orange or Lemon oil
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Place all ingredients in an exceedingly mixer and mix till swish.

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